Country Partner of Storopack ( Protective Packaging - Germany )

Country Partner of Graphic Packaging Int'l ( GPI Japan ).


Snapp Packaging is the Country Partner of STOROpack ( a Global German Protective Packaging Company ) for the Malaysian Market. The popular range of products include the patented AIRplus ( Air Cushions ) and PAPERplus ( Paper Cushions ), complete range of recycled and Bio materials plus a whole range of user friendly, reliable and portable machines to be offered on a low rental basis ( can be rental free depending on volume requirements ).

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AirPlus cushion protective packaging for diverse application options to protect your goods in the package.


The Paper Cushion PAPERplus is a protective paper cushioning catering for a heavy gearbox to a light smartphone with maximum productivity.

Bringing Joy of Smart Packaging.

Snapp can also design and supply the external corrugated boxes to suit every Customers’s needs hence making Snapp Packaging a truly Complete Protective Packaging Company that provide both internal protective packaging cushioning and outer protective corrugated boxes thus making every buyers’s role a breeze being a ( Complete Protective Packaging Solutions ). We provide sustainable packaging solutions for greening the box, product protection, cost savings, process improvement, light weighting overall package and downsizing of carton size that resulting a great Total cost saving and sustainability.  The wide ideal users include those involve in Online and Off-line packing for a great unboxing experience.

Country Partner for Graphics Packaging International

Snapp Packaging is also the Country Partner for Graphics Packaging International ( GPI, a truly International Company ) for the Malaysian market. The range of products include various sizes of Cluster pack design which can be commonly seen in the market place for the 4, 6, 10, 12 and 24 pack for both the Cans and Bottles using the unique wet strength paper materials which is highly suitable for the Beer, Beverage and Frozen Foods Industry.